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<h1 class="wk-main-title">Wikked Wiki Engine</h1>

Wikked is a simple yet powerful wiki engine suitable for use as a personal electronic notebook, family digital blackboard, or wiki for a small team.

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## What sets Wikked apart

**Wikked** is a [wiki][] engine that stores its data in plain text files using
a common revision control system like [Mercurial][] or [Git][]. As such, it's:

- Easy to backup: just clone/push the repository somewhere else!
- Friendly to edit: use your favourite text editor, search-and-replace, etc.

## Quickstart

Get started in a whiff:

> pip install wikked
> wk init mywiki
> cd mywiki
> wk runserver

## Credits

The Wizard of Oz illustrations are by William Wallace Denslow, restored
by [Clickchic Designs][ccd].